Ayurveda Consultation for a Healthy and Balanced Life

Ayurveda, meaning the “Science of Life” (Ayur = life, Veda = science). Ayurveda is to stay in good health by focusing on prevention. Ayurveda is an empower individuals with lifestyle modification and routines to restore natural balance but not limited to, diet, sleep, exercise, daily routines, and yoga.


Ayurvedic Bath

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How to Balance Your life with Ayurveda Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda Consultation

Health means balanced life – Every person has a natural habit to become imbalanced.

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Yoga Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight

Yoga Exercises

Is your eyesight is weak and soon going to visit an eye specialist? Eyes are very sensitive part of our body, but they also need a workout too. Eyes are not the very first thing we think of when we hit the gym or visit to any yoga program, with increase in age our eyesight also get weaker, but few precaution and exercise can keep eyes healthy with good vision. Millions of folk over the globe suffer from weak eyesight, but many of these problems can be solved by practicing easy exercise of yoga can tone muscles of eye. Continue reading

Start a New Healthy Life with Yoga

Uma Inder YogaPracticing yoga has become more than the set of asanas to reduce or gain weight, people over the globe practice yoga to achieve internal peace of mind. The most important aspect of yoga are asanas, physical stretches, breathing exercises and diverse techniques for physical relaxation and to reach a neutral state of mind eke multifarious kind of yoga are: Continue reading