Yoga Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight

Yoga Exercises

Is your eyesight is weak and soon going to visit an eye specialist? Eyes are very sensitive part of our body, but they also need a workout too. Eyes are not the very first thing we think of when we hit the gym or visit to any yoga program, with increase in age our eyesight also get weaker, but few precaution and exercise can keep eyes healthy with good vision. Millions of folk over the globe suffer from weak eyesight, but many of these problems can be solved by practicing easy exercise of yoga can tone muscles of eye.

Here, are few exercise of yoga practicing mention below steps can help emphatically to regain your eyesight.

1. Rubbing Both Hands (Palming): Palming is an easy exercise to increase the vision of your eyesight as well as beneficial for your health. Moreover, better blood circulation with reduction in frustration & depression.

  • Seat down on the floor in a comfortable position & rub both palms until you feel heat from your palms.
  • Slowly & gently cup your palms over your eyes
  • While doing this action makes sure your eyes are completely covered so no light gets through.
  • Take a deep breath through your mouth and release via nose and feel they warmth coming from the palms
  • Repeat the whole procedure five to six team.

2. Practicing Kapalbhati (Yoga Asana): Practicing this step of yoga can let you experience the tremendous confidence in you as well as increase blood & oxygen circulation in entire body.  Try these steps.

  • Seat down on the floor in comfortable position alternatively you can sit back against the wall.
  • Close your slowly and gently, simultaneously put your hands on your belly.
  • Breath through your nose and exhale air from your belly
  • Continue this quick for 2o seconds
  • Practice this whole process for half an hour.

These two steps are good enough to reclaim your healthy eyesight.